Blue Sapphire


Derived from a Greek word- “Sappheiros” meaning ‘blue’, Blue Sapphire is a stone of wisdom. Its heavenly blue appearance irradiates royalty, power and strength. It conciliates the love for hue from pale to deep azure or dark royal blue, to indigo; velvety cornflower blue being the most desirable one. The deceptive accoutred blue lustre of the stone shadows the fact that it is the second hardest natural mineral in existence. This Saturn stone is also a part of corundum family. Although, blue is the most identified colour of sapphire, it occurs in almost all colours of the rainbow spectrum except red.
Our range of Blue Sapphires include:

Cut Blue Sapphire (Unheated and heated) from Ceylon, Kanchanaburi (Thailand) and Madagascar from 1 cts. up to 10 cts. in every shape and calibrated blue sapphire in 6X4, 6X5, 7X5, 8X6 in oval and pear shape.

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