The Garden Stone

The most coveted gemstone, Emerald fascinates one and all. Its intense lush green colour brews unity, compassion and unconditional love in the being. Commonly believed to be the harbinger of good luck, Emerald nurtures the intelligence and enhances the well- being of the wearer. An irrevocable expression of admiration is the result of its unique existence. Valuable emerald stones are predominantly desired from Columbia and Zambia for their superior quality, size, purity and colour.

Our range of Emeralds include:

Cut Zambian and Colombian 2 cts. up in every shape (Oval, Pear, Octagon, Square, Round, Marquise, Antique, Fancy) and also calibrated emerald in 6X4, 6X5, 7X5, 8X6, 9X7 in Oval and Pear Shape.

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